Though unemployed for most of it, I have found myself really enjoying this summer.  You know why?  Because I’m like a little baby. Full of hope and possibility. Yes, sometimes I get confused or scared, and I cry. But mostly, I’ve been thinking about my future, and where I fit into this world.

I don’t want to jinx it, so that’s why I’m not coming right out and saying what my plans are come September. But most of you know that I’m on track for an adventure.  There have been a few snags and unexpected hiccups up to this point, so we’ll see.

This past weekend I spent some quality exploration time with Tim. Then again, that’s pretty much what happens most weekends. Hey, it’s what we do! More time now means more memories later.

First, Friday night we went to B:2, a burger boutique. I don’t care to find out how to capitalize that properly. I had the caprese burger, and remembered that I don’t really like goat cheese. But it was still pretty delicious. I also got one of those overpriced adult milkshakes (but only because I had a Groupon). Chocolate custard, Boulevard Bully! porter, and espresso vodka. VERY yummy. I must try making one at home!

After that, we had a jaunty little walk to Cosentino’s downtown to pick out a six-pack of beer. We settled on this:

Hemp Hop Rye Beer!

While drinking I had the horrible thought that this could show up on a drug test. Luckily, it seems that O’Fallon brewery is a Testpledge company. They vow that even consuming a large quantity of their hemp products every day will not result in a positive on a drug test. Whew!

On Saturday we went to the Johnson County Museum and 1950’s All-Electric House. The museum was cute, and the house wasn’t as amazing as I thought but it was still neato. There were a bajillion outlets, and the bathroom had a microbe-killing red light AND a tanning light. Amazing!

They wouldn’t let us touch stuff or take pictures inside, though I bet if I had asked to take some with no flash it would have been ok. But our group was small and I didn’t want to be called out. Like this one woman who started testing the firmness of one of the twin beds. She was old and weird.

Tour Group

Saturday night Tim and I tried the KC Strip Trolley, also a deal found on Groupon. We mostly went to Buzzard Beach a lot because they had cheap drinks. I did convince Tim to come with me to Missie B’s, but we got there too late for the drag show, and it was really crowded. Plus, they didn’t seem to get the memo that our KC Strip wrist bands entitled us to free cover. We had to show them the brochure. Grrr. All in all, Tim’s first trip to a gay bar was pretty uneventful. He did have to stand in line for the bathroom though- crazy opposite land!

Nowww you're on the trolley

Recovery Sunday = barbecue. We went over to Johnny’s in Mission because it was once featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. It was pretty tasty! The wrap I got was tender and juicy. Onion rings were amazing too.


I’ll miss exploring the Kansas City area with my boy if my plans pan out. Mostly I’ll just miss my boy. That, and the barbecue.

P.S. – Why is it that my hair looks the best after I’ve been in the pool? It dries up all nice and wavy-curly. One time I was chatting with my parents on Skype and my mom even asked what I’d done to my hair. I’m sure there’s some kind of science on the effects of chlorine and floating bugs on the fabulousness of hair.

Sexy pool hair