Oh my goodness!  My future plans are just creeping up on me.  Might as well say it- I’m going to South Korea to teach English for a year. The recruiters want me in Seoul in a little over a week.

The mere thought makes me have to pee. In a good way! (?)

Now there’s just the matter of going to interview at the Korean Consulate in Chicago.  I was able to hurriedly book a megabus trip to Chicago, then a flight back the next day. Also, an $18 hotel stay from Hotwire, tax included. Yippee!

What’s ridiculous is that I’m flying back here to Kansas City in order to take the bus right back to Chicago with Tim. We’re going on a sort of last-hurrah trip to Chitown, quick and dirty. Megabus both ways overnight, and we’re only spending a day there so no hotel costs to speak of. I think I’m going to be so sick of the bus when this week is through.

Hopefully I can get all the paperwork I need while I’m in Chicago. And then I can just relax and enjoy some hot dogs, deep dish, Sears/Willis Tower, and el train rides with the boy before I kiss it all goodbye.

After I get back from all of this, there’s still the matter of unloading my apartment into my PT Cruiser and driving down to Texas where I’ll leave my car and stuff with the folks. It’s going to take a superhuman feat, but I’m stupidly confident I can get it all done without throwing too much in the dumpster.

So in this process of life getting faster, I am lagging behind enough to have time to do this to my nails:

It’s lace cut from a ribbon layered on top of pearly nail polish. I was trying something from Cosmo, and it sort of turned out alright. Well, maybe 4 of 10 nails looked alright. You don’t want to see my other hand.