Right now I’m supposed to be on a plane to Korea, but I am not, because of various shitty factors. Like, supposedly the Korean consulate sent my passport with visa back to me on Monday, but it’s only going to get here tomorrow, Friday. And I paid $18.30 for an express envelope why??

My recruiters weren’t really amused, because now they’re having to change my flight and I’m going to miss orientation. Boo. But as long as I still have a job, I suppose I’ll have to be ok with such bumps in the road, flies in the ointment, and other idioms.

Wow. In the middle of writing this, my passport got delivered to me. Sigh. I was told to expect last minute problems and all that, but I guess I had to live it to believe it.

There is a silver lining to all this in that I get to spend some time at home before I leave. Maybe I’ll get to see some old friends.

When I get to upload pictures I’ll tell you all about my trip(s) to Chicago this week. In the meantime, here’s a picture of my boyfriend Tim expressing our relationship using cardboard shapes at Hobby Lobby.