Right now, I still do not have internet at my apartment. Yes, I’m upset. But yesterday, I went to Seoul with the 2 other foreign teachers and today I wandered around Suwon by myself.  I saw the fortress wall and climbed up for a better view. Took some pictures, but seeing as how I have no way to upload them, you’ll just have to go to wikipedia to learn more. I’ll post allll the pictures I have ASAP.

I’m in a pc bang, which is this place that gamers go to play Starcraft and all those other games because the equipment is better than something they might have at home. I’ve been here for over an hour but should only cost me the equivalent of a couple of bucks, which is awesome. The only bummer is that my back hurts from the way this chair is set up. But it was really cool, when I walked in one guy spoke English and told me it would take a few minutes to set up the computer in English. Then I sat down and checked my e-mail. After like 20 minutes he came to give me a free soda. McCol- don’t know quite what was in it (wheat?) but it tasted good!

Alright, the enter key on this keyboard keeps sticking and I’m hungry. I haven’t mustered up the courage to go into a sitdown restaurant by myself yet, so I mostly just buy convenience foods. Also, almost everything in the restaurants is super spicy. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but man, getting through dinner sometimes when I’m out with the other teachers is a sloooow process. 

Next time- pictures of Seoul, Suwon, the airplane, and more fun!