Hello, and welcome to my entry on the Home Plus shopping experience. Remember, you can click on any picture to make it bigger 🙂

I’ve been to Home Plus three times now for this/that/the other. It’s basically a Super Walmart combined with a Macy’s, Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and a mall. It has a pretty kickass food court with a McDonalds, but that’s not the reason it’s kickass (to be explained below). You can buy pretty much everything here I think- except medicine, unless I missed it in all the hustle and bustle.

Yesterday I decided to go walking and found that Home Plus is closer to my apartment than I thought. Which is cool. I live the farthest from school of the 4 foreign teachers, may as well live close to something else. The Home Plus is also close to this Pizza Hut:

Here are some pics from inside Home Plus, and some cool/weird merchandise I saw:

Grocery/toiletry sections

Checkout lanes

Pixel Friends bag

The Red Face

Hey, me too! Except if they're ugly

If the dream came modesty, shabby as well (a woman's shirt)

After buying a few essentials and non-essentials, I got a bit hungry. Here are some pictures of the food court at Home Plus. These 3 pics below were actually taken at a previous time when I was with my fellow teachers, and NOT eating at McDonalds.

Kalin, Justin, and the food order screen

Tanner and I

Pickled radish, soup, kimchi, and rice with egg/shrimp/a yummy sauce. Plus a smallll cup of water.

How it works is that you look in a display case full of plastic (i think) food and then tell the cashier what number item you want. You pay, then wait for your ticket number to show up. Go to the corresponding counter and receive your tray of food. Alright!

Unless you go to McDonalds, in which case it’s like a regular counter. Most everything on the menu is the same as in the U.S. it seems, so I decided to be exotic and taste the shrimp burger.

No cap for my coke zero because I didn't understand she was asking me if I wanted one

Mmm, pressed shrimp

It was…interesting. Definitely a McDonald’s creation in that it bore little resemblance to actual shrimp but gave you the distinct impression of it.

I decided that was enough fun and excitement for one Sunday afternoon. Here are some pictures from the walk to and from Home Plus.

Gas station

Street signs

Ok, I was mostly taking pictures so I'd have them in case I got lost

Cuuute Kia with flower petal rims

Below is some of my haul from Home Plus. I finally found some stout beer, yay! Cost me about 4000 won but it was worth it. And Coopers happens to make some of the homebrew kits Tim and I have seen around Kansas City.

Dark, the way I likes it

Almonds and Anchovies. Tasted sweeter than expected, but I don’t think I’ll be buying it again. Something about those beady dried eyes is unsettling.

Together at last!


I’ll end this post with a picture of my new cute bathmat/rug, with my uncute foot. Let’s just say I’ll be more careful next time I’m out partying with my shoes off.

Blame it on the karaoke