Heylo! I had just added some pictures from Korea onto my Flickr account. Here’s the link. I’m new to Flickr so if you have suggestions for how to make my page better or how to share my stuff, let me know. It opens in a new window.


Today I spent the second day of the Korean Thanksgiving with my coworker Justin and this guy David we met one night through other friends. We went to Lotte World, which is a theme park you don’t even have to go outside from the subway station to get into. It was surreal. I don’t have pics of that uploaded yet but they are a-comin’ along with a new post about my experience.

Here are some ways that my life here in Suwon is different than life back home:

– At home I could buy as much cough syrup and diarrhea pills as I wanted, whenever I thought of it while out and about at Target. (Er, Walmart. Which one is the good one these days?) But the medicine here is only sold at pharmacy stores. And most of the packages are not in English.

– Tipping is not expected, and is in fact an insult. More money in my pocket is fine with me! When I finally get paid, I’m going to feel so stinkin’ rich.

– I don’t have a cell phone yet so as a result I hardly ever think to use Twitter. I liked getting texts from all my favorite tweeters. It’s a pain to remember to check their pages.

– You can buy beer and soju everywhere, and you can drink everywhere. Today I popped open a can of Hite on the subway train!

– Nobody steals, and so far I haven’t encountered any “bad areas” of town. I don’t think they exist.

– On the el in Chicago I remember there were certain seats designated for the handicapped, but regular people still sat on them without giving a second thought. Here, there is seating on the metro for handicapped/old/weak/moms with children. YOU BETTER NOT SIT THERE IF YOU ARE NOT THOSE THINGS.

– I don’t have a stove. I kinda miss it. What if I want to make cookies in the winter?

– I also don’t have a dryer- we just hang up the clothes to dry. I think I’ll really miss the dryer in the winter.

– An individual size Papa Johns pizza costs about $12. That’s why we go to Pizza School.

– When I get my Alien Resident Card I’ll be able to get national health care. HELLLLS YEAH! Friends tell me that getting prescription eyeglasses will be cheap, so that’s on the to-do list.

– There’s no carpet because the floors are heated, because people take off their shoes when they go into homes and certain restaurants. This means that the hairs I tend to shed from day to day really freakin’ show up on floor. I have a broom and a dustpan, but that really doesn’t cut it for long hairs. I may just cave and get a dust buster.

– I don’t know where the post office is yet.

Oh my dear, I’ve rambled on far too much. I need sleep. Good night!