I’ve been reading some blogs of other people here I know, and they’re much more personal. I’m sort of staying on the surface of my experiences here, simply because I’ve been burned by being too personal on blogs before. And anyway, I haven’t really sorted out just how I feel here yet. There are things (and people) I miss, but there’s so much that I’m glad I’m getting to experience.

Lotte World, for example.

Yes, I wish that we had visited on a nice, sunny day so we could have seen the outdoor attractions. And yes, I wish so many of the rides didn’t cost extra money. But man, it was pretty freaking awesome looking inside!

We rode an indoor rollercoaster and that Conquistador boat ride which is called the same thing at Six Flags Over Texas.  You know, the one that a bunch of people pile in on and it rocks you way up high. Pretty sweet.

Later we went back to use our MagicPasses on the popular ride of the day- The French Revolution. Isn’t that the best name for a ride?

I especially loved how tempting their food kiosks were. I mean, Peanut Butter Roast Squid? I really regret not purchasing one to try because it was only like 3000 Won (under 3 bucks).

Screw the churros! I want "sqid!"

By now you’ve got to be wondering, are there parades at Lotte World? You bet your ass there are! Two things about their parades that were surprising:

1. They had wehgooks (foreigners) dancing around, not just Koreans/Asians.

2. They had Koreans who played bagpipes.


I’m pretty sure my Scottish friend felt emotional. Like Homer Simpson did when he went to Australia and they have a big contraption in the bathroom at the embassy to make the toilets flow the correct, American way.

Anyhoo, after some more wandering around trying to look for rides that didn’t cost more money, it was time to chillax and watch the people down in the skating rink on the bottom level. I had some mate tea and caramel cone ice cream at the fancy stand, then we caught their Fantastic Odyssey show. It was NUTS. I didn’t take pictures, but seeing as how there were flames we could feel in the back row, I didn’t think they’d turn out well on camera.

On the journey home, we were met with a muddy, flooded, non-functioning subway station. And everyone was trying to catch cabs, so we didn’t have success for about an hour. This trip marked the second time in less than a month where I walked home in the rain. Yet, for some reason I think it’s better than having to carry an umbrella the whole day.

You can see more of my pictures in the gallery below. Oh, and there is video of the rollercoaster up on my Flickr. You will laugh. Make sure your speakers aren’t turned up too high, I’m a screamer.