In my classes the students seem to have a really difficult time distinguishing between the words fun and funny. They’ll say stuff like, “I like going to beach because it very funny.” So I thought it’d be a fun/funny title for another blog post about what Korea is like to me, a foreign teacher.

These are some fun and funny things that have jumped out at me since the last time I posted (which was too long ago, I know). I figured a quick and dirty post was better than no post. I’m still here guys, don’t forget about me and this here blog!

  • Men wear really bright and/or sparkly ties. Seriously, my principal looked like he was going to go join Kim YuNa out on the ice rink yesterday- pastel pink and blue tie with major shimmer.  Today’s choice was fluorescent orange.
  • American fast food restaurants are different in subtle ways.  Yes, there are more culturally relevant menu items (patbingsu at Burger King, anyone?). That was expected. However, here in Korea everyone’s much more careful about their trash and recycling. If you order a drink don’t expect a cap for your cup unless you ask. Also, if you eat in there are 3 different holes in the trash bin to choose from and it honestly still confuses me. I believe one is for plastic trash, one is for paper, and one is for your empty drink? I just try to watch others and act like I know what’s going on.
  • Diet Coke is called Light Coke, and is never seen at fast food restaurants. Their low cal beverage of choice is Coke Zero. Coke Zero, Diet Coke, and Diet Pepsi (Pepsi Nex) all taste different than I remember them tasting back in the states. Oddly, Light Coke is my favorite so far.
  • People here really really like the Simpsons. Channel 23 plays it probably 6 times at night. And there are sooo many Simpsons products around. I assume they’re officially licensed but maybe not. If I wanted to I could get a Simpsons eraser, lunch box, wall clock, hair barrettes, stationary set, and more. In one of my classes, 3 out of 7 kids have Simpsons pencil cases.
  • My Korean coworkers brush their teeth all the time- after everything they eat it seems. Although, I don’t think this is something men do.
  • The women carry parasols or umbrellas on sunny days. Almost no one wears sunglasses.
  • Everyone shares their food. I am given some type of snack every day by at least one of my kids, and sometimes by my coworkers. I’ve sampled many yummy and weird things this way.

That’s all I have for now. You can see what fun things I did this weekend by visiting my Flickr page. A day that starts at 7:30 am with a field trip and ends at 4 am with a huge concert is one that needs to be followed by sleep.

But I shopped and walked around Suwon instead 🙂

random picture of an amusing Seoul restaurant sign for your enjoyment