I received the MS Zone shoes approximately one month ago, and have worn them at least twice every week. I have to say, they’re pretty great. Don’t be fooled by their clownlike appearance.

As an English teacher, I’m on my feet for around 5 hours a day. I’m in charge of molding the minds of around 50 Korean youngsters, whose parents pay good money to hear an authentic native English waygookin tell them to stop playing Nintendo and sit in their own chairs. Oh sure, it’s all fun and games, but at the end of the day I can definitely tell if I’ve been wearing some shoes without support. Some days my back would be killing me, and it was a pain that couldn’t be relieved by just sitting down for a while.

Yeah, these shoes will make your back hurt.

Enter the MS Zone shoe. This was the first product I received from SBC Korea’s program, and actually my favorite so far. These shoes are heavy-duty. I would say they are about 1.7 times heavier than the average pair of shoes, and for good reason. They do have an enormous sole, which adds probably 4 centimeters of height (look at me going metric, yo) to my voluptuous 5’4” (damn, the metric couldn’t last) frame. Or is it 5’3”? I may be in denial of my shortness.

I put them on right when I got them, and they fit pretty well. Props on the zipper in addition to the shoe laces. It makes it so much easier to just slip them on and go! Plus, it’s a really sparkly zipper, and I like sparkles.

I noticed that as I tried to walk my outer thighs did seem to get fatigued a bit more. After the initial walk I did indeed feel the burn, slightly. It felt like I was walking on sand. After a while though, this effect became largely unnoticeable. I’m not sure if these shoes offer much in the way of toning but they’re really fun to walk in and make me feel lighter.

The soles are squishy, and also sloped in the back so as to make you feel slightly off balance. If I’m not careful, I can tip over if I lean back and all my weight is on only one heel. But hey, if Angélica Teacher falls I’m sure my kids would be very entertained.

I digress. Despite its aesthetic shortfalls, the MS Zone shoe really does wonders for my back. As you may be able to tell from the pictures, I wear them a lot and so the red coloring has become faded on the sides. This may also be due to these bunion-eque formations jutting out from the sides of my feet. I’m reluctant to get those things checked out by a doctor, because they have not caused any real foot problems and I hate dealing with the freakin’ hospital.

I think it’s obvious that the MS Zone was made for narrower Korean feet. Every once in a while I can feel pain on the sides of my feet in that area. If the upper fabric was more yielding perhaps it would be better, but the pain in my feet is bearable. After all, these shoes feel great for my back and I would still recommend these shoes to friends and family who are on their feet all day. If you’re interested in the company, here’s their website: http://mszone.koreasme.com/

And here are the obligatory pictures: