Alright people. I haven’t blogged in a while for a variety of reasons. 1, I just don’t finish what I start sometimes. 2, I’ve been going through a rollercoaster of emotions regarding Korea, and don’t yet feel like articulating my thought process. Let’s just say there has been a lot of drinking and crying. 3, I have been watching MASH.

That’s right. My brilliant boyfriend (no sarcasm) knew I had been wanting to sit down and watch the famous 1970s series that takes place in the land I am now occupying, so he enlisted his brother to buy me season 3 on DVD for Christmas. I happily devoured that season (which includes the infamous Abyssinia, Henry episode) and quickly set about to find the rest of the seasons on the internet for free.

So far I’ve watched 4 and 5, plus the actual MASH movie, and now I’ve gone back to season 1. I wish Radar were more innocent. According to wikipedia, his character evolved from sneaky and cocky to a more humble, down-home Iowa farmboy I know and love. Then again, I love me a midwest farmboy. ❤


I was tipped off by facebook a while ago to sign up for these free market trials for foreigners. Basically, some new companies had some products they wanted tested, and we could get it for free as long as we wrote a review about it. So this blog is going to be occupied by my reviews for the next few posts. I got a variety of stuff- shoes, shampoo, fat burning gel, hair color, and tape.  Random, right?  So sit back and enjoy a foreigner’s impressions of stuff that Korean entrepreneurs hope really takes off!