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Well, now that …

Well, now that I’ve had a chance to sort of take in everything and I’m not so emotional, I can give you my thoughts on perhaps the kind of people who would break into a single woman’s apartment, throw eggs on her wall, and steal her art and her teddy bear.

The first theory is that they were troubled youths, pure and simple. Looking for something fun and rebellious to do, some souvenirs to take, someone else’s booze to drink. I can’t say for sure how long they may have been in my place. Long enough to take a crap, at least. Long enough to get hot enough to turn on the A/C. I just hope they didn’t sleep in my bed.

Then I thought, maybe they were druggies? High on something that enabled them to leap into my balcony with a single bound. They clawed the flimsy lock off the door with their bare nails. In a manic episode they decided they were hungry, took out my eggs, then got mad at the eggs and flung them at my wall. Knowing they would need a new kitchen scale sometime soon to measure out their stash, they took it, along with some soft things (pillows and teddy bear) for when they crashed later.

My most generous interpretation of whom these individuals might have been is that they were a young family, maybe teenagers with a 3 yr old child in tow? A child who pointed at things in my house and said “I want it!” They took paper towels, dish soap, ibuprofen, and measuring cups, among other things. These are all basics I seek out when I start out on my own in a new place. Of course, I tend to buy them instead of stealing. I also don’t think it’s wise to hand a bored kid a carton of eggs, nor to drink to excess while caring for a kid. No matter how much of a little monster they are.

It’s also interesting to note the things that were in my apartment and possibly valuable, yet these criminals did NOT take: my passport, my printer, my Bebe shoes, my insulin in the fridge, and my hair dryer and straightener.

The night after I discovered the break in I slept with all my apartment lights on, and used Hulu to watch a familiar show that I often turn to when looking for a calming presence as I slumber alone: Arrested Development. I can’t say why this is. I just love the Bluths. Reminds me of a simpler time, in my salad days, circa 2005. My future was an unknown hope. It still is now, but with a glint of sadness and yearning for the stupid, carefree days of my youth. 

Anyway. I am slowly cleaning up the mess, discovering new things they took. My nail polish? Really? I’m hesitant to gather and count my DVDs. I already fear they took my Animaniacs volume 1 set. I still sleep with the living room light on.

I haven’t attempted to clean the egg off my walls and carpet yet, mostly because it’s dried up anyway, doesn’t smell, and I know it will be a long, arduous process. It’s also because I feel that if I concentrate any more on their vandalism, it will become too personal. It will feel as if they knew me. They knew I would be totally dumbfounded and enraged at this level of destruction and violation. They knew I would feel my blood boiling with every swipe of the rag. 

Sorry for being dramatic. This really sucks.

I think I’ll be looking to find a new apartment when my lease is up. Perhaps I’ll even cross over into the Kansas side. It’s all a matter of finding a suitable place, and finding the money to move. I hate moving, but I’d rather do that than live in fear. 


Dusting off the blog re: apartment burglary

Time creeps on, and it’s going to have been almost a year since I left the Land of the Morning Calm. Of course, I haven’t written in this blog for a long while. That’s partly because I never made time, and also because I haven’t felt my exploits since then were worthy of documenting. I got really used to life in Korea, before being unceremoniously shown the door (a future post, perhaps). But seeing as how most people who love and care about me read this blog, I figured it’s as good a means as any to disseminate news.

Last night I returned to Kansas City from a week-long visit in Texas to see la familia. It was very nice. I went to Ikea, gave my mom her Mother’s Day gift, washed my car with my Dad, got my car fixed (can roll down my front windows now, yay!), played with my little brother, and saw a wonderful a cappella concert by my other little brother.

Got to Olathe around 6 pm, stayed with my boyfriend for the night, then I drove to my apartment this morning. When I opened my door, the first thing I saw that was awry was my couch propped up on a box I use as a perch for my printer. Then I looked around in horror realizing someone had been in my apartment, gone through my stuff, stolen what they thought was cool or of value, and made a huge mess in the process.

I stood in the middle of my living room and cried.

All it takes is a punk with a crowbar

I went to get my building manager and she helped me call the police. She helped me figure out how they got in, which was a simple matter of prying off a piece of the sliding lock on my (low) balcony door.

Here are a series of pics of the carnage, followed by written documentation of what I’ve seen so far. By the way, the list of what they stole only includes things I noticed only AFTER the nice policeman left. They also took my TV, my DVD/VCR combo, lots of my costume jewelry, my awesome big fluffy teddy bear from Costco, my bedroom floor lamp, my full-length mirror, the art painted for me by my good friend Marcos, a cedar box made for me by my dear loving boyfriend, a half-full bottle of Tide detergent, my awesome vintage mug set I got at a farm auction, my vodka and a box of wine, and a jar candle. This list is not necessarily inclusive.

Odd assortment of stolen goods

These phone pics show the wide array of chaos and malevolence inflicted on an otherwise peaceful space.

Couch propped up. I wonder what they were looking for in there?

Dining room

DVDs/CDs all over the place, and spilled wine

Egg on my kitchen floor

Egg on my dining room wall

My hall closet


Living room, near my bookshelf

Bowls with cinnamon sprinkled in them??

Now, Tim will be the first to tell you that I often live in the squalor depicted in these photos. I simply don’t care about cleaning up all the time. However, due to the fact that I had been unemployed, I filled my time by straightening up. My apartment was as clean as its ever been before I left. The irony would be delicious if it wasn’t also a really shitty deal.

Speaking of shit, I present to you my list of what apparently went on in my apartment.


I’ll talk in my next post about what I think happened, the evidence, things they decided not to steal, cleaning up, and my thoughts on what this means for my continued life in the King’s Manor apartments. Also, if you have any leads, let me know or call the KC police tip line – 847-474-8477 (816-474-TIPS).